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Executive Search For Biotech & Pharmaceutical Company Board Members

The importance of having a high quality Board of Directors cannot be overstated.  The right Board Members provide additional credibility, strategic guidance, expertise, important networks and experience beyond that of the internal leadership team.       

The right Board Members can help a company successfully navigate situations as they move to the next stage of development.  Whether you are raising initial capital, moving into the clinic, entering late stage development with the potential for commercial status, realigning your company's area of focus or expanding into new markets, updating your Board to reflect your future goals as well as your current status can increase your chances of success.      

BioDirectors provides high quality executive search services for growing biotech and pharma companies to find the right Board Members. Whether your company is looking to expand or simply strengthen the existing Board of Directors, we can identify highly qualified individuals with a track record of success that are interested in being part of your future. 

Leveraging one of the largest executive networks in the biopharmaceutical industry - successful CEOs and C-suite executives in finance, R&D, commercial, business development, global operations, legal and other relevant areas of expertise - we bring you the people who can take you to that next level and help shape the future of your company.

Are you looking to increase the diversity of your Board?   As a minority-owned firm, we have worked diligently to ensure our database of candidates includes successful executives with a broad range of backgrounds.  We have solid relationships with leaders in their fields, and an excellent window into the up and coming stars in our industry.

About Us

Our Experience

Our Board placement experience ranges from early stage, virtual companies through publicly traded companies with marketed products and established commercial organizations as well as development pipelines.

Sophia founded BioDirectors after spending 25+ years building an unmatched network of executives in the biotech/ pharmaceutical industry.       

Her experience includes helping people start companies, executive recruitment for Board members, Chief Medical Officers, CEOs, CFOs, business development and other executives within the biotech/pharma industry.        

When working with growing companies, Sophia leverages her networks to assist those companies in areas beyond the scope of the formal BioDirectors business relationship, without expectation of remuneration. She has made introductions to potential corporate partners, executives for key corporate leadership roles and consultants in highly specialized areas.

Our Approach

BioDirectors provides successful, highly qualified executives for Board roles at growing biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  With a strong reputation of integrity, the company leverages its global network of industry executives to identify the best individuals able to make a significant positive difference in the future of a company.  Our efforts are based on hard work and dedication to our clients, combined with experience and an ability to get things done. Our founder is personally involved with every project, and takes responsibility for making each one a success.

Our clients range from virtual start-ups to publicly traded, commercial stage companies.  Each has different needs, and we focus on understanding what those needs are, as well as what the culture you have created looks like and your strategic goals.  No one knows your company as well as you do, and our efforts are tailored to provide the right outcome at the right time for your company.     

If BioDirectors is not in a position to succeed on your project, whether due to specificity of requirements or bandwidth of our internal team, we will not accept the business.

Why Us?

Company founders are often limited to their existing networks when identifying Board Members, and may not have access to individuals with valuable skillsets outside of their area of expertise. Investors have a larger network of potential Board Members to draw from, but even these may not yield available interested executives with the right experience, knowledge and availability to help a specific company move to the next stage of development.  Qualified executives with high levels of expertise and experience are also limited to their individual networks. These potential Board Members have valuable skillsets and a desire to mentor growing companies.  BioDirectors provides executive search services, leveraging one of the largest executive networks in the biopharmaceutical industry to help companies looking to create or augment their Board of Directors.   Our network of potential Board Candidates includes: • Current Biotech/Pharma Board Members • Chief Executive Officers • Chief Financial Officers • Chief Medical Officers • Corporate Counsels • Heads of Business Development/Licensing • Heads of Commercialization • Heads of R&D • Heads of Regulatory Affairs • Digital Healthcare Experts • Consultants with Expertise in Raising Capital and/or Founding Biotech/Pharma Companies

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